Prime3 Technology Solutions (Prime Tech) incorporated in Ghana, is an I.T. company, focusing on e-Commerce Solutions, Enterprise Software Development, Mobile Apps Development, information security and surveillance.

Customized Enterprise Software development

Development of commercial and customized Enterprise (Client-Server Databases) software that meet the specific needs of Our clients.

Mobile App Development

focusing on Enterprise and social-enterprise applications that will positively affect businesses and the society. And improve the way of life in Africa.

Online Shopping Websites Development

Creating an easy-to-manage and affordable Shopping website, Apps, and smart online shops (An integrated Merchandising arena) for our clients.

Professional Website Development

Affordable professionally designed website for all form of organizations and for individuals to improve africa's online presence and contents.

Manage I.T. and Security Services

Setup, install, Maintain and Manage I.T. Infrastructure, GSM burglary Alarms and CCTV Systems for all sizes of Business and Homes.

Networking, Analogue and VOIP Telephony

Build, Maintain and manage robust, reliable and lasting Local Area Networks (Wireless and Cable), Voice over IP (digital) and Analogue Telephony / inter communication network (intercoms) for Businesses and Homes with trained expertise from USA.

Recent Works

We work with all size and manner of organisations, By providing them with on-demand access to a full team of I.T. experts in a wide range of Information Technology fields, we help them to manage Expected & unexpected IT issues and provide key technical skills to capitalize on new business opportunities

We understand that every business has different information technology needs. That's why we work with our clients to develop and provide a completely unique and custom mix of services, such as networking, server and database administration, phone system integration etc

Looking App

The first Mobile Based Search Engine, Information Portal, Business Directory And Reviews APP with added features for Africa. View

Urgent Care App

A cross Platform Mobile App with Website: that will enable members in communities across Ghana find and locate the nearest health facilities, services, providers, Professional and alert, near them View

Ghana Fashion Shop

This Shopping website will target and bring all fashion designers in Ghana to sell their products and services (clothes, textiles, wax prints, jewelries, fashion accessories etc) and pays online


A multi-store Shopping website that will bring products and services of building materials, equipments, vendors, professional and non-professional labor and service providers together . View

iTouch Pro Mgt Software

An integrated Touchscreen, Point of Sales, Point of Entry & Ticketing, Membership Charge Card, Employee & Attendance System For Restaurants & Bars View

Power Trader Software

Point of Sales and Proforma Software for All Forms of Retails Shops. Its. Barcode Enabled with Barcode label generator.. View

HR & Payroll Software

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Church Mgt Software

Is specialized software that assists churches and other religious organizations in organization and automation of their operations and records . View


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